Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why are Americans such Assholes?

Yesterday a 23-year old woman bicycler was killed in a traffic incident in NY city.  The rider was clipped by a female driver who recklessly opened her car door, causing the bicycler to fall into traffic and be run over by a city bus.

The female driver, pictured in the above photograph, decided to flee the scene and instead go to a baby shower.  This asshole, too caught up in her useless life, decided that, "Hey, she's dead anyway! Why the fuck should I ruin my evening?"  You should stay, because you just assaulted another human being and that action directly led to her death, jackass!

Despite the obvious immorality of the situation, many online commentators on the New York Post (another quality rag owned by the asswads at News Corp.) decided it was pile on the dead-biker night.  Somehow, these degenerate posters felt that the assault and manslaughter of this poor woman is just-deserts for not being a pompous, self-righteous fatty who is incapable of lugging their decrepit ass without the assistance of car, like themselves.

The article:
A careless woman, whose open car door caused a bicyclist to get run over by a city bus in Brooklyn, left the scene to attend a baby shower, cops and witnesses said.

The woman then had to be escorted back to the scene by police, who later arrested her for driving with a suspended license, officials said.

The tragedy unfolded when the 23-year-old bicyclist was riding along Atlantic Avenue at around 8:30 p.m. and the driver's side door of a white Dodge Stratus clipped her as she neared Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights.

The bus then hit her and rolled over her.

"I heard the screams coming from inside the bus," said one horrified witness. "The bus driver was crying hysterically on the side of the street."

The bicyclist, whose name was withheld pending family notification, died on the scene.

The name of the 24-year-old Dodge driver, who was taken to Kings County Hospital, wasn't released yesterday.

She claimed she had nothing to do with the accident, but passengers on the bus disputed that claim, witnesses said.

A friend of hers at the party said, "There was another car behind her that caused the whole accident."

"She had nothing to do with it," said the pal, who declined to give his name.


  1. Massholes are the worst. An entire state of back stabbing lying a-holes. With big mouths.

  2. America is Lord of the Assholes, second only to Mohammad.

    1. oh there was the guy who founded Judaism, he is also a senior asshole.